Workcation Trend Represents an Opportunity for Restaurants and Hotels

With many employees working exclusively remotely, having given up a physical office, restaurants are fast becoming the alternative office for individuals or a meeting room for a business team. In the past this “use of free wifi” with very little spend were often a frustration, but trend forecasters suggest that restaurant owners embrace this 2023 trend with these tips.

  • Create a voucher system with paid wifi packages, the first offer hour can be free.
  • Restaurants will be well served to have a special compulsory  “Remote Office Menu” offering combo meals, including a meal and a beverage.
  • Negotiate a package for group meetings, including wifi and refreshments.
  • Train staff on serving a business meeting attendees with minimal interruption.

The hotel and guesthouse trade can also embrace this “new” guest, who is working, while on vacation. Here are 5 tips on how to create an ideal workcation destination.

  • Create work-friendly spaces, consider the ergonomics of your rooms and ensure you have designated workspaces in-room, well lit areas with fresh air.
  • High-speed internet is a must: whatever else you do to make your establishment work-friendly, high-speed internet may be the most important element for a workcation guest.
  • Flexible apartment/room cleaning routines: Housekeeping staff needs to be able to offer flexible times that won’t hinder those working in-room.
  • Provide good quality in room beverage facilities and room service delivery for substantial snacks or lunch.
  • When advertising your venue, make social media content engaging with exciting visuals.

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