Riposo Makeover


Riposo Italian Eatery was one of the lucky recipients of a makeover by IN DIE SOP, a TV show where struggling restaurants are given a make-over, a menu update and sound business advice from acclaimed restaurateur Bertus Basson.

Arno Ferreira and partner Reanka Vorster decided one day on a whim to by the old “Karmenaaitjie” restaurant in Onrus. But once the deal was through they realised that not only was the stove not included in the deal, almost nothing in the kitchen was working. This investment needed a lot more before it could start showing a return. They knew they were in trouble. Having seen the IN DIE SOP show previously, they applied in a desperate attempt to rescue their investment.

Arno tells us, everything happened in the blink of an eye, from applying to hearing they were accepted, to the team pitching up were less than 2 weeks.

Not only did they receive a new name and whole new identity, the kitchen were kitted out with an array of brand new equipment and a couple items were fixed. A complete interior overall filled Arno and Reanka with joy and much hope for the future.

With only 3 restaurants on Onrus, the local residents are delighted to support this brand new edition, which now serves delectable Italian dishes.  The new menu as suggested by Bertus is working, and they are sticking to it, but they have also incorporated a few new dishes. Arno is committed to using the best quality ingredients, like “00” Gideon flour, supplied by Packtown, and sticking to traditional methods of fermenting the pizza dough for 48 hours. Gnocci and pasta are also made fresh every day.

Packtown is proud to be a supplier to the new Riposo Italian Eatery, with deliveries four times a week straight to their door. We wish them all the success in the world.

Riposo, 15 Blommenstein road, Onrus

Tel 028 316 2967

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